DANCEmandala Movement Stillness Meditation

Awaken your authentic inner dancer

Explore movement as meditation

“It is a method of moving meditation that encourages natural and authentic self-expression, re-connection to one's core essence, one’s creative life force, awareness and equanimity”

DANCEmandala offers supportive and non-judgmental space where everybody is welcome to explore their own movement. ~ AK Tri-siddha








What is the benefits of DANCEmandala

Explore the basic ideas of this practice and read about how you will benefit from it.

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What others are saying about DANCEmandala

Follow this link to see and read some testimonials from those whom had experienced DANCEmandala.

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Where to participate in this practice

There are events and sessions being offered all around the globe. See if there is one near you.

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“A dynamic meditation that work to balance movement and stillness, awareness and consciousness, being and presence. It offers a process of inner transformation, rediscovery and healing. It’s help us move towards ease of being as natural self in the flow with life”

DANCEmandala is a dancing path that anyone can take to go deeper within themselves and into living their full potential. ~ AK Tri-siddha

DANCEmandala deepens our connection to Self, Community and Nature.

Each DANCEmandala practice session allows us to enter into the space of inner freedom and oneness. We open up to experience our unique soul expression, healing, bliss, and creative life flow.

 If you’re willing to move your body, transcend your dance into a reflective practice and integrate the wisdom into your daily life, then you too can become a facilitator and create this powerful healing space for your community.