From personal journey to a system of dance meditation practice

DANCEmandala was created by Areeradh K. Tri-siddha, a transformational dance facilitator, certified yoga teacher, a mother and passionate dancer of life


DANCEmandala takes us on an inward journey through different layers of our being helping us become more aware of our true Self, our harmonious connection with others, nature and community

DANCEmandala was originated in Chiang Mai, Thailand and initiated by Areeradh K Tri-siddha. Areeradh first devised this practice in 2010 as her personal daily practice. Inspired by her deepening journey and findings, Areeradh further researched into the emerging structure of her method and developed a dancing path way. Areeradh began to offer the practice on a weekly basis to groups of yoga students and dancers at the Yoga Tree Chiang Mai. Since then DANCEmandala has been an inspirational part of self-discovery/transformational journey to thousands of dancers, travelling yogis and visitors from all around the worlds who came across Areeradh and this practice while visiting Chiang Mai.

Fundamentally, Areeradh developed DANCEmandala based on a traditional yoga principle – the 5 Kosha or 5 Sheaths of bodies. But the main parts of DANCEmandala, especially in the core components of immersion and facilitator training programs, are drawn from Areeradh’s own direct experience of meditation and yoga and her understanding of Buddhist principles, Tao philosophy and intuitive healing moment and dance. Areeradh has conducted 10 facilitator training groups at the Yoga Tree since 2011. There are currently 65 certified facilitators of DANCEmandala in various locations around the globe.

Areeradh is also the creative director and manager at the Yoga Tree – Chiang Mai where she teaches and runs yoga classes, dance meditation, women groups, workshops and events. More info at:

Areeradh K Tri-siddha

Areeradh K Tri-siddha

Founder/Creator of DANCEmandala

“I am deeply grateful to life for all the lessons and joy I expereince. Life is sacred, beautiful and ever changing. DANCEmandala is the manifestation of my gratitude and my dedication to continue this path that flows with life. DANCEmandala gives me space to be all of me. Life is Dance and I dance to explore, to expand, to untangle, to connect, to be healed and inspired, and ultimately, I dance to be peaceful.”

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