DANCEmandala in Gwangju

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Date(s) - 27/03/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

심리상담센터 온나 Psychological Counseling Centre, 'Onna'

Sejin Yang (양세진)

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DANCEmandala Movement Meditation provides the safe space for our body to move in freedom. The practice guides us to closely meet our personal stories and lets them flow into dance and movement.

In ancient Sanskrit, ‘Mandala’ literally means ‘circle’ and usually represents the universe. However, ‘Mandala’ in DANCEmandala Movement Meditation refers deeper meaning of the sacred space where we come close to our body and spirit and find peace and wisdom in them, by listening to our inner voice as well as letting go and embracing our personal stories through continuous movement. The space represents ‘oneness’ which is experienced through the process of being connected to each other while we are taking an individual journey within.

All living beings constantly move.

You are warmly welcomed to join the dance journey which guides your heart beats to meet the pulsation of the lively earth and the universe and let your body find balance and harmony through organic movement with your two feet firmly grounded.


1) Time & Date: 7-9PM, Wednesday 27 March (Door opens at 6.30PM and closes by 7.10PM)

* The space is open at 6.30PM for registration and changing clothes and the door closes by 7.10PM.
* Feel free to start warming-up upon arrival.

2) Venue: Psychological Counselling Centre ‘Onna’

*Address: 2F, 2-12 53Beon-gil, Yongdae-ro, Nam-gu, Gwangju, Korea

3) What to Bring: Open heart(!!), extra comfortable clothes, etc.

4) Cost: 30,000 KRW

*NH Bank : 302-1326-5958-61

*Account holder: 김경숙 Kyoungsook Kim

*Please, send a text message to the number below once the payment is transferred.


5) No. of Participants: 12 persons

*On a first come first served basis with completion of payment

5) Registration & Inquiry: Kyoungsook Kim ( / 010-5596-8418)

DANCEmandala in Gwangju