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DANCEmandala Foundation Level & Level 1 , SheDance
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Lim Paik Yin
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Lim Paik Yin is a visual anthropologist and an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, and site-specific performance. Her works use the human body as a visual motif to explore the various ideologies and political forces that shape attitudes towards the human bodies. Currently she is completing her post graduate at Freie Universität Berlin in trance and contemporary life in South East Asia.
She is also a certified Pranic healer and her study in movement begun in 2012 while photographing at Contact Improvisation Festival and after 7 years of contact improvisation, she started making performances.
Her journey for self-awareness has led her to her movement practice investigating the origins of movements and the impulses that move us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

““By using the presence of oneself and transforming everyday space through performance, I can view the self as a separate entity and thus intervene in my everyday routine creating a temporal opportunity to express what is unspoken or hidden.”
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