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Luise Jorgensen
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DANCEmandala is a sacred practice that connects me to my inner essence and that allows me to see and truly embody that which is alive in me in the moment. I believe that creative expression is an essential part of our lives, and DANCEmandala specifically supports a space for authentic expression and creativity.

I’m truly excited about using the body and breath as a gateway to being present. By using movement we create space allowing emotions and states to take their natural ebb and flow through the body. When we become aware of the body we can feel into places of expansion and contraction and with movement we can further express and support transformation.

I have always been curious about our human experience. With a soft inquiry I’m continuously trying to understand the dimension of our existence, and I’m especially interested in the vastness of our hearts, and how we can reconnect to the deepest parts of ourselves.

Besides from facilitating DANCEmandala I also practice Qi Gong (meditation in movement) as well as facilitating mindfulness coaching groups.
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