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Fully qualified DANCEmandala facilitator (DMFT/L1)
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Sejin Yang (양세진)
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DANCEmandala is the practice and life tool to recognise my breath; to listen to my body and the voice within; to observe where I am now; to experience the connection among the body - mind - spirit that I have deep within ; to accept and embrace each of them as it is; to dance with it and let go what is necessary and then celebrate it.

DANCEmandala guides me to anywhere I like to be; where I feel free and safe; where I can be who really I am; where I can fully express myself without fear of judgement; where I can take full courage to go on the journey to where I haven't explored yet but kept denying and refusing to face; where I can pray; where I feel protected, cared and loved; where I can be connected to anyone and the Mother Earth as well as the Universe and their unlimited resources and boundless supports.

I am hournored to hold the safe, trustful and yet playful space for others to make their own journey through dancing their own dance while I dance my own dance. Witnessing and supporting dancers to experience each stage of their movements and the stories of them is definitely the learning process of understanding and being understood. It is the journey of learning that 'I' am 'you' and 'you' are 'me' and 'you' and 'I' become 'US'. Therefore, we shall celebrate our dance and grow together.

Apart from DANCEmandala, I have been practicing Medical Qigong and Contact Improvisation(CI) Dance over the last few years as my own life tools and to share with more individuals and communities.

I have been facilitating DANCEmandala sessions in both Thailand and Korea and plan to bring it to other parts of the world, too.
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