Visioning the flow of presence in body-mind and spiritual wisdom. Energising the roots of connection within, with each others, community and nature.

Keeping our hearts beating as one, to the rhythm of the Universe, we dance the Dance.

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Liberation is not something to get, given or to receive. True freedom is already within the core of what we are. Each one of us is a being of radiance hidden underneath the layers of self. So what must we do? Keep getting distracted? Let’s get up and shake the layers, get to know the self, work on alignment, practice observation, study the mind and the subtlety of experiences, look beyond the limited illusions of self and learn to move through the hidden gateways. The opennings are everywhere for the light to shine through.

Areeradh K Tri-siddha

Founder & Teacher Trainer

creating space to offer a movement meditation practice to support the wellbeing of individuals and the collective by ways of wisdom and self exploration. Providing practical tools and awareness that point toward a  better understanding of our physical, mental and spiritual presence and our interconnection with each others, community and nature.

The path of liberation begins from within. I’ve understood this from my expereince. At the core of our being, we are at ease, free, light, and joyful. DANCEmandala is an invitation to look toward this inner vision, reconnect with our natural self, and keep the connection alive.

Building a peaceful world through alignment and meaningful connection that brings rejuvenating life experiences. DANCEmandala emphasis mindful  interaction, expression of support, understanding, compassion and kindness

Living in harmony with nature as part of the earth is the dance we dance. Where ever we are in this journey we keep our hearts pulsate with the rhythm of nature and our awareness of our earth’s body, environment, and how we live and consume.

Join me in DANCEmandala in-person training immersion and retreat in Thailand.

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