Awaken The Authentic Dancer and

The Inner Creative

Through dance, somatic awareness, stillness meditation

reflection and connection


Awareness of Self


transformation/Rhythm of Nature

Flow of Creativity




DANCEmandala movement practice engages in somatic awareness as a means to cultivate resources for both healing and understanding ourselves. In refining our awareness of the inherent wisdom within our body, emotions, and heart, and the yearning towards spiritual dimensions, we can extend that awareness beyond the understanding of individual existence to encompass the broader realms of community, nature, and the surrounding environment. 


In this movement practice, we use intuitive movement and stillness contemplation to awaken and integrate all parts of ourselves in preparation for exploring deeper realms of consciousness. First, is to feel, sense, understand, and heal the different layers that make up the ‘self’, the personality, the being. Then we work on alignment, integration, and wholeness building resilience, trust, commitment, right effort, and joy along the way. This foundational level of collaboration within oneself is crucial to external collaboration with others. We put collaboration and connection at the core of our dancing tribe. Without Kalyāṇa-mittatā or spiritual friends, we cannot thrive in our quest for growth and spirituality. 


Dancing through life on the foundation of deepening awareness and harmonious collaboration within and out, healing, and personal growth happen simultaneously. Transformation takes place at every level when we contemplate movement and stillness. This helps us stay tuned in to the flow of change, creativity, and the rhythm of nature that we are part of. In experiencing this dance, we get to know that movement flows from and into the point of balance. By aligning with this flow, we can get to know and expereince the spiritual energy that establishes trust, faith, and commitment. As we heal, awaken, and transcend limitations, we raise our vibration and thrive in aliveness and presence.



Creative flow and joy are here in the dance.

Because life is here and beauty can be experienced in every dimension of being if we have the tools to see and appreciate it.

Inner joy and freedom

This movement begins from within then emerges into being and expression. In this dance, at the center of the movement, there is a vast space of stillness that is both full and empty. A place where we can observe how we are feeling and experiencing life. When we practice repositioning to align with this center of stillness, we can be at ease and free. DANCEmandala is an invitation to see and align with this inner vision so we can immerse in That, our natural being, the inner dancer, the Self.

Well-being, peace and compassion 

It is right here and now in each dance. When we move consciously, we tap into reality, and we experience, and remember peace, joy, and wisdom through meaningful connection. The dance brings a rejuvenating sense of well-being. As a community, DANCEmandala emphasizes mindful interaction, expression of support, understanding, compassion, and kindness. A world of loving compassion to live and be.

One with and as nature

Living in harmony with nature through the dance. In every dance, we point our awareness to our earth's body, extending our imagination into the healing memory of being in and with nature. Strengthening our love and care for the earth as our ultimate home and the great mother of all lives. Wherever we are in this journey we keep our hearts pulsate with the rhythm of nature. And develop awareness of how we live and consume.

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