A dance of devotion to the Inner Work.

A prayer to the Pure land




Movement and stillness flow toward balance

‘DANCEmandala brings us into the flow of stillness in movement, awareness in expression, wisdom in self-knowledge, expansion in consciousness, and the mystery in the ordinary. When we connect with this flow, we become the Flow itself. And by knowing what we are, we’re better able to understand ourselves, others and our insaperable connection to nature. We cultivate life from a place of peace, inner balance, creativity and joy.

~ Areeradh K Tri-sidda (Founder and Teacher Trainer)

♥ more than just a practice of movement but the Gateway to multi-dimensional realms of awareness ♥


Methodology for Self-knowledge

DANCEmandala investigates the sense of self. The practice centre around building somatic awareness, mindful emotive expression, and positive intention. This helps us set the foundations to bring forth our natural and easeful expression of who we truly are.

Space for heart-centred Connection

Connectedness and community are at the heart of our vision. DANCEmandala develops inner peace within as our contribution to the world. We're here dancing this path as co-creators supporting each other toward the realization of our true joy and freedom. 

Paths of awareness and transformation

DANCEmandala brings layers of our being into alignment by guiding an inner process that spirals around the core of the Body Pathway. A journey through different dimensions of experience from the gross physical body to the most subtle level of consciousness. 

Everyone is welcomed to this movement practice to explore their own potential and awaken to presence, sense of freedom, nature, and community. Each DANCEmandala session allows us to enter into the space of liberation and Oneness where we are open to experience our unique soul expression, healing, ecstasy, peace, joy, bliss, and flow of creative life force.

DANCEmandala elicits my freedom within to express outwardly through my physical body and exude the joy I feel for my life and my fellow dancers.


John M. Schmidt

Clinical Psychologist, Thailand

DANCEmandala is ‘Freedom of expression’. I feel far more grounded and can express who I really am… to have space where I can just get it out, I feel stronger in the rest of my life because of that.


Kymberly Bryant

Photographer and Visual Artist, Canada

The only activity where I can have not a single thought, connect deeply with the earth and sweat with friends. I love it!


Gaston Schmitz


Created and written by Areeradh K Tri-siddha

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