Authentic and intelligent movement playground, the freedom to express and explore

within intuitive structure…

DANCEmandala is for everyone with the courage to move their body and take a journey inward

Everyone is welcome to this practice to get inspired by dance as a way to stretch and release the body, calm the mind, deepen self-awareness and  cultivate inner strength, flexibility, flow and deeper connection with Life.

It elicits my freedom within to express outwardly through my physical body and exude the joy I feel for my life and fellow dancers.

— John M. Schmidt

Shake, revitalise and embrace your wholeness, authentic beauty and re-awaken your inner dancer within

Through free-form movement, music, sound vibration and gentle guided instruction, we put in motion and get rid of any rigidity and tensions in our bodies. This practice allows us to align with our inner flow and pulsing creativity to cultivate peace, spaciousness, bliss and stillness.

DANCE – the inner flow and outer flow of life-force moving through our body, and expressing herself in our being, interactions with others and our surroundings

The word DANCE in DANCEmandala refers to the creative life pulse that flows within and through our body in rhythm with our heart’s beat and the cosmic vibration. Where there is life there is movement, where there is movement there is alignment and merging. All Dance flows towards balance and harmony.

Mandala – the inner space and outer space aligning, integrating and creating dynamic spiralling multi-layered landscapes for movement meditation

In many spiritual traditions, mandalas (meaning ‘circle’) appeared as concentric diagrams that were used to create sacred space and as teaching tools for meditation. In DANCEmandala, the term mandala refer to the deeper meaning of these teaching tools representing ‘oneness’ or ‘union’, the sacred space of our movement meditation and the experience of it.

What to expect when you come to DANCEmandala