Take an inward journey towards expansion and inner peace

The Elements of a DANCEmandala Group Session


A Safe Environment

Your facilitator is there to hold a safe space for you. Your dance floor is contained and with dimmed lights and no mirrors. It’s a ‘judgement-free’ space so you may move your body as freely as you like.


Free-form Movement

No steps, no “routines” or choreographies, no pre-established movements. Just your own movement, your own way. You can be all the way in the air, or on the ground. There’s only one “right” way to practice DANCEmandala: yours.


Carefully chosen Music

Each DANCEmandala session follows the DANCEmandala map which may be adjusted with specific feel or style of music to reflect a theme or an intention.


Inner Flow

Moving the body with ease through the dance floor is a great practice for moving effortlessly through life. Regular practice of DANCEmandala will help you find your flow and hidden energy, allowing you to expand, explore and rejuvinate into a more spacious and vital being.


Guided Instructions

Your DANCEmandala facilitator will provide some soft meditative guidance and suggestions during the practice. You are always encouraged to follow your own intuition and inner rhythm.


A Meditative State

Reaching a meditative state within minutes into a DANCEmandala session is a common experience for many of our dancers. This is a space for  healing and transformation. The experience of newness, expansion and stillness gives rise to insights, peace and clarity.