Let your experience speak your truth


 DANCEmandala is ‘Freedom of expression’. I feel far more grounded and can express who I really am… to have space where I can just get it out, I feel stronger in the rest of my life because of that.

Kymberly Bryant – Photographer and Visual Artist



The only activity where I can have not a single thought, connect deeply with the earth and sweat with friends. I love it!

Gaston Schmitz – Entrepreneur

I can see myself every time. It’s a nice way of learning about myself also, like coming back, of course it’s a dance meditation, it’s about turning our eyes inside and going deeper in ourselves. Through expressing, I’m learning about myself.

Sachie Tsuyuki – Qi-Gong Teacher

It’s very uplifting, I feel joy. I also feel like a little child. Playful, mischievous, but also cocooned, safe. The energy I feel of other people dancing around me feels like tribal for me, a community. When I’m dancing through Dance Mandala I can go through lots of different emotions, I can feel really high, bliss, a state of being quite connected, with God. Then on the other hand I can feel quite grounded, I can feel quite a nurturing person that’s connected to the earth. It’s a real spiritual experience for me.

Parveen Baig – UK