Root Rise & Flow

Join DANCEmandala FLOW in the comfort of your home, or outdoors in nature.

Participate live online weekly in a small group setting in real-time or enjoy the freedom to practice and dance on your own timing.

Dancer Path to awakening and to support the well-being of body, emotion, heart, and spirit

Root and create a foundation for your movement practice with DANCEmandala Body Pathway. Together we will explore and develop somatic awareness, and reconnect to our natural movement expression to come home to ourselves and the magic of our bodies with freedom, aliveness, and joy.

Rise into a space of clarity and understanding about our true selves by listening deeply to the wisdom of our bodies, feeling, and emotions and allow them to emerge through the dance. DANCEmandala provides a safe space to be with our own stories and truth. We breathe and move with all that rise and always lean into the light.

Flow with ease as stillness in movement, explore sacred space, rituals, connections, and different realms of awareness. Awaken to the greater presence, experience being rather than doing and chasing expectations. Dance, flow, connect, and co-creating meaningful experience and wholeness. This is DANCEmandala FLOW.

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