Light in the Stars Winter solstice

a gentle Celebration & Home Retreat to welcome the darkness and honour the light
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December of DANCEmandala

A 12 hour Winter solstice home-retreat with dance, music, songs, light, and connections. Let’s create a magical space and celebrate it together.

Join us for the whole retreat or drop-in to any session you wish to tune into the Flow, immerse in the energies and presence, heart’s connection, sparks of joy and light. We will honour the darkness with songs and prayer and welcome the light with dance and meditation.

9.30am – 9.30pm GMT London

(4.30pm start in Bangkok time zone)

A Day Of Gathering and Celebration

“Warm invitation to the global DANCEmandala family, firends and friends of the Yoga Tree-Chiang Mai both new and old and to you if we haven’t met yet. I look forward to co-create this celebration.” ~ Areeradh

Event Details and Programme

Date: 21 December 2020
Time: 9:30 am – 9.30 pm GMT
Location: Online on Zoom

This is a free event but donation box is available (below) if you wish to make sure to take part in creating a balance flow of energy.

Suggested donation


Time shown are in GMT (London) / Please arrive at the start of each session

 09.30 am Arrival & Welcome

 Introduction and overview of the flow for the day.


 09.45 am ‘Body Wisdom’ DANCEmandala

A creative and grounding ‘Body Wisdom’ DANCEmandala by Areeradh special guest musician, Ziya. He will be offering live drumming rhythm to accompany a gentle and meditative ritual of intention setting.

11.00 am Sound Bowls Meditation

Relaxing with the soothing and healing sound of Tibetan bowls by our wonderful guest, RJ Trever Noble


12.00 Winter solstice light channelling

A beautiful offering of light and blessings will be sent all the way from Glastonbury, the UK by our special guest, Bayari.

 13.00 Heart-wisdom for the Solstice

A DANCEmandala movement meditation with the theme for the Solstice.

14.30 Divine Sound and Rhythm of Light and Balance

Drifting into blissful contemplation and inner space with our guest music artist and singer, the amazing Krishangi Lila. 

15.15 Silence Meditation

Silence for reflection or Rest and Fresh air.

16.00 Self-awareness in Movement and Flow

A DANCEmandala movement meditation to re-connect with the inner flow of awareness and light.

 17.30 Alignment and Resonance Flow

Bring all into alignment with care and awareness. Allow humbleness, light and creativity to guide the way.

18.45 Refreshment & Silence

Silence for reflection or Rest and Fresh air.

20.30 Affirmation and Ritual

DANCEmandala movement meditation session followed by a sharing in circle to reflect and gently close the retreat together to begin our new Winter forward. We aim to close the retreat by 10pm GMT. 

December’s Inspiration

We all know that the end of the year offer a perfect time for reflection and release. If you haven’t started already, let’s restore and gather, remember and tune in. This retreat will offer a reflective and creative space to encourage and support us in this process.

From now until December 21 

A gentle reminder to prepare your body and mind with wholesomeness, meditation and healthy food. Perhaps you need to do a little re-organisation of your home/space to give more room for reflection, simple comforts, warmth, and light..








As Rumi said ‘Dance where you can break yourself up to pieces and totally abandon your worldly passions.’ And so too we dance to let go and be free from attachments the product of the world. This practice is to immerse ourselves in our inner light, the light that shine free. Let’s  live as peace from within.

- Areeradh K Tri-siddha

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