Facilitator Program

Level 1 Online Training

Keep each moment fresh with energy and wisdom

This facilitator training programme combines self-paced online study with live tutorial and practical sessions. It has been devised from the in-person training programme by Areeradh K Tri-siddha, the founder. It is now available and open to anyone interested in learning the tools for mindful embodiment, and would like to know how to facilitate this healing and transformational practice for others.

Body Emotion and Heart-Wisdom

Take your dance to the next level. Explore at your own pace remotely with plenty of opportunities to share and engage with others. Take part in the heart-warming community of global and local dancers to connect with others from all around the world. For further questions and to find out if this training is for you, please contact the course leader, Areeradh: info@dancemandala.com


This Level 1 online training covers all the foundations and key components of the DANCEmandala in 12 flexible units of study. 

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See the list of course units in the section below. 

DMFT Level 1 online immersion and training. 3-4 months/£620

50 contact hours

Two weekly live sessions 

12 course Units

3 yrs access of learning materials

25 DM (live) session

4 months FLOW Plus Dancer Membership

Level 1 Completion Certificate

(200 hours )

These 12 modules are offered individually and make up 120 hrs study in total. The moduals with (*) are compulsory and must be completed to count towards the full level 1 facilitator training and qualification. 
  1. DML1.01 The Moving Body*/15 hrs (£75) enrolment is open preview course
  2. DML1.02 Emotion in motion*/15 hrs (£75)
  3. DML1.03 The Inner Person’s dance*/15 hrs (£75)
  4. DML1.04 Observer’s Flow*/15 hrs (£75)
  5. DML1.05 The 3 Pillars of DANCEmandala*/5 hrs (£15)
  6. DML1.06 DMV Alignment Part 3/10 hrs (£95)
  7. DML1.07 Music selection skill & verbal cueing*/15 hrs (£80) Week
  8. DML1.08 DMV Alignment Part I*/5 hrs (£95) [enrolment is open] preview course
  9. DML1.09 DMV Alignment Part II*/5 hrs (£95) [enrolment is open] preview course
  10. DML1.10 The Seed of the Mandala*/3 hrs (Free)
  11. DML1.11 Practicum & Feedback*/15 hrs (£15)
  12. DML1.12 Project and Presentation*/2 hrs (£15)


† This fee covers all compulsary modules


1. You must have at least 4 months of regular DANCEmandala or other kinds of recognized conscious movement practices.

2. You must be in good physical and mental health to practice dynamic movement.

3. You must be a proficient user of computer and internet

4. You have access to a good internet connection and up-to-date personal computer and audio devices

5. You are able to write and communicate clearly in English.

Costing Information

  • Modules may be purchased individually or all in one go.
  • If purchased all in one go, a 10% discount will apply.

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