Facilitator Training Level2

July 2024| Derbyshire, UK

5-12 July 2024

Advanced Level 2 Program

The program consists of several components: new material and revision of level 1 Body, Emotion, and Heart-wisdom, in-depth immersion sessions focusing on Spirit and Bliss spirals, a one-day mini-retreat, and a chance to co-teach at the Soulmala Flow Festival. Engaging in the entire program involves participation in three distinct parts. Further details are provided below.

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Part 1: In-person Training Immersion

 5-11 July 2024

Level 1 Refresher and New Material (5-6 July)

Before delving into the fourth and fifth mandalas of our practice, you’ll receive a review of Body, Emotion, and Heart Wisdom, along with new material. These two days will also offer the chance to co-teach DANCEmandala Heart-Wisdom at the Soulmala Flow Festival 2024.

Level 2 Training Immersion through Rituals of Intents Module (7-9 July)

Experience the full enchantment of your spiritual and blissful essence in conversation, invocation, and rituals. we’ll delve into movement as a sacred form of healing. Together, we’ll explore pathways from grounding ecstatic feet to joyful expansion. Our journey will encompass earth medicine rituals such as Sacred Cacao, Spiral Breath-work, Bobinsana Heart Visioning, and Sound Journey.

The Small Dance Festival (10 July)

Dive deeper into level 2 practicum and presentation. With loving support and courage, you will have an opportunity to facilitate a DANCEmandala session to open groups in this mini-graduation gathering.

Level 3 Pre-gathering – a day in the wood (11 July)

We will spend a day in the woods to gather our thoughts and ideas toward realizing the level 3 DANCEmandala Teacher’s event. This will include a workshop on transformational visioning, self, Self, and Purpose inquiry as well as dance in nature and singing by the fire.

Level 2 course is one of the key requirements for participating in the DANCEmandala Level 3 teacher program. The teacher training program is underway and will be open by the year 2025.

Part 2: 'Nourishing Now' Day mini-retreat

12 July 2024

We will conclude our week together with this one-day mini-retreat, to rest, gather back into self, and grounding. A day to gently celebrate the true home in your heart and body.

By participating in this mini-retreat, you will gain experience of how the DANCEmandala movement can be blended with other modalities for well-being. Afterward, the material will be made available to you as online resources you can use to create your well-being mini-retreat or workshop.

Mindful movement is one of the foundations for our creative expression and holistic wellness. DANCEmandala encourages somatic awareness and flows and contributes greatly to optimum health. This is an invitation for you to be part of the vision. ~ Areeradh

Part 3: Four months online ongoing practice

On the School’s platform

This is an option for you to deepen your practice as both a dancer and facilitator on our online school platform. You will gain access to online resources and reference materials you can use for your continuous learning and teaching. If you are unable to participate in person. Please get in touch with Areeradh.

Moving mindfully into the world of artificial intelligence requires humility, awareness, and much more. Join the DANCEmandala global family online to continue to nurture the heart connections.

OUR LOCATION: Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK

Idyllically situated on the banks of the river Wye, the biggest town in the Peak District National Park’s mellow stone buildings, medieval five-arched stone bridge and quaint courtyards are a magnet for painters, photographers, and sightseers alike.

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Who is this course for

Everyone who has completed Level 1 is welcome to join this training even if you don’t run a regular DANCEmandala class where you are. Your practice is important to me. I advise that you stay connected to your dance. Do your dance mandala in your living room at least once a week and keep your journal as I may invite you to provide a short reflection before the start of the Level 2 course. For the level 2 people if you wish to return to discover more you’re welcome to join again too.

Repeating level 2? You are so welcome!

For a refresher, there is no tuition fee to attend this course. But, you must participate in both Parts 1 and 2 (mini retreat). There is a cost for the mini-day retreat on the 12th of July which is £95. Please get in touch with Areeradh about the rest of the cost (accommodation).


The day starts early with the morning movement of yoga practice and ends with evening sacred circle. A detailed schedule will be provided nearer the time.

Your investment (7 nights accommodation+tuition)

£1290* Regular cost  / £990 Work exchange offer

Food not included. (there is a supermarket just a few minutes walk from the accommodation)

*3 months Payment Plan available. (¬£430×3)

Work exchange (2 offers available) 

There are 4 places available on a first come first serve.