Virtual Alignment program for those already completed an in-person DM training at level 1&2

DANCEmandala is now on virtual studio. Let’s do this together!

Keep each moment fresh with energy and wisdom

Thank you for considering joining this online facilitation alignment programme. Your presence and participation are warmly welcomed. There have been a lot of learnings and findings since the start. With constant energies, commitment, love and trust, I am ready to guide you into this creative process. And today, I am very excited to share this programme with you.


You’ve already done an in-person DANCEmandala Facilitator Training in Thailand and you’re now interested in joining the school’s online platform. On this page, you are warmly invited to review the details of how to step into this new and exciting path and join us in creating positive changes to the world now. Grow with the movement that heals, the dance that balance stillness, the flow of hearts, the expression of creativity and joy. Let’s do this together!

What This Programme Offers

DMV Alignment as online courses

Interactive support, tutorials, and resources to help you set up and be ready for your online live facilitation and practice.

Three months Flow Plus Dancer Membership

Access to ‘Flow Plus’ DANCEmandala online classes and more. So you can build and deepen your own practice and stay connected.

DMV Facilitators Gateway

Access to booking system and relevant materials, information you will need to organise your online facilitation and be part of the support team.

Facilitation opportunity

You’ll be listed on the School of MSM DANCEmandala virtual platform and be part of a supportive team. Let’s move forward and grow strong together.

DANCEmandala Resources Hub

Access to facilitation materials and flow of  online resources by Areeradh to inspire your creativity and your online facilitation.

Publicity and personnal Profile support

Publicity materials and support to introduce you, your dancer/facilitator profile, who you are and your light.

Qualification Certificate

Be recognised as a specialist in DANCEmandala live online facilitator who has undergone a great amount of alignment work with Areeradh.

Why DANCEmandala Virtual Alignment programme?

‘If we go online, how can I make sure that we deliver the essence of DANCEmandala..’

My heart trusts this practice and I enjoy keeping focus, getting creative, working with commitment, exploring with patience. I’ve learnt to ask for support, and I’ve made sure I returned it multi-fold. I took on this DANCEmandala (Live) online project full time, putting in full power to study, listen, create, observe, direct and capture the moment with curiosity and perspective. Along the way, I made mistakes, got stuck in resistance, exhausted and plunged into self-doubts many times. But, all I could do was to surrender to this Flow and follow my heart’s vision. I am now completely convinced by the clarity and fresh newness I’m seeing/experiencing. My heart knows that this online thing works. It helps me deepen further this movement meditation and bring it closer to my real everyday life, into my home, family and friends.

Connectedness, togetherness has always been in the heart-space of DANCEmandala, and in this uncertain time and confusion, it is the tool and the medicine we have to cope with, to heal, to continue to grow deeper into unshakable peace, to continue to live with joy and connection.

And what a blessing it is to be able to share this with a collective of loving, supportive, kind beings!  For what really matters in the world, we can continue to contribute through sharing the essence of DANCEmandala, bringing to the light, the expression of love, inner freedom, kindness and healing connectedness. The vision is to make change with one small movement, one moment of stillness, one rhythm, one breath, one melody at a time.


It’s the dance of leading and following, learning and teaching, facilitating and immersing, the ripples of one process, being in the Flow.

Ready to go further with dancemandala?

Our Top Priorities

I am committed to an engaging learning environment for everyone. Yes, everyone including you and me. I invite you to take part in this program and become an associate member of the school of Moving Stillness Meditation as both an active learner and learning facilitator. We don’t stop learning, just like the dance. As long as we are still breathing, the Small Dance continues. And the closest teacher to our own ‘self’ is our Self. This space that we called ‘school’ is a collective learning ground, a creative space where we support and facilitate each other’s learning. Please be invited to align with your vision and share it here. Join me in this process of recognising and bringing the inner wisdom that guides each step with awareness and from the heart into our home, our lives.

DMV Facilitator Alignment programme - Apply now and start any time.

There are 3 parts to this programme, all in one flow, one enrolment.

Please contribute to the energies flow, £290 one payment or £95 x 3 months


Here are the 5 steps of this creative process toward sharing your DANCEmandala online



Enrol with the payment option that suits you

The time period I suggest you take to complete this program is within 3 months for easy-paced immersion. Or it can be completed in 10 weeks minimum. Right from the begining you will have the opportunity to facilitate and practice as soon as you wish. Dive in and be ready to learn through challenges and skeleton dance it as well as flow with ease. I am here to support you all the way.



Schedule your practice and facilitation sessions on your calendar

I have created a step by step flow for you in the online Alignment programme. Start with scheduling in all the practice sessions required. In the same time you can book your facilitation practicum slots as soon as it feels possible for you. 



Participate in regular online sessions guided by other facilitators

It’s important and required that you join other’s sessions as a dancer to explore this virtual space, its energies and the atmosphere yourself. Your first-hand experience will provide the subtle understanding that contributes to your confidence, creativity and your ability to support your own facilitation and your dancers.



Support other facilitators in their online sessions

You are encouraged to give time to learning through supporting online sessions in a small team. A support team is crucial and an important part in the success of each session. This is one of the key learning methods that everyone on the team must be engaging in.



Create your playlist, prepare your session and start your facilitation

You will have access to resourses and support  from day one of joining. This programme helps you get ready, organised and able to start your facilitation as soon as possible. You just need to take care of getting your devices and the internet connection set up.

I am ready to support you through each of the steps all the way. If you are ready to invest and commit to it then join this Alignment programme. Enrol and take the 1st step today.

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