Q. How do I find a DANCEmandala Session or Workshop?
A. Search here for classes and workshops by location, format, date, subject matter, or to search by facilitator.

Q. What is the difference between sessions and workshops?
A. Sessions are usually a 2 hours long DANCEmandala experience that focus on one Spiral each. They usually occur on a regular (generally weekly) schedule. Sessions are open to anyone, from new-comers to experienced DANCEmandala practioners, regardless of age or fitness level. Workshops on the other hand are longer-format events, from half-day to several days, that provide an opportunity to go deeper into the practice and the study. They usually explore one spiral in-depth or more than one.

Q. Is some minimum level of fitness required?
A. No level of fitness is required to begin your DANCEmandala journey. That said, having a regular DANCEmandala practice is one of the best ways to be fit.

Q. Do I need experience dancing?
A. No dance experience is needed or required (nor expected). We believe anyone has a dancer within themselves.

Q. I have never meditated before. Do I need experience meditating?
A. No meditation experience is needed or required (nor expected). There are countless forms of meditate, not only sitting meditation, and chances are, even though you may have never “sit to meditate”, that you have experienced mindful moments where you’ve been fully present, maybe walking, doing the dishes, practicing some sport or playing with your kids. Lot of people find movement meditation way easier than sitting meditation and after practicing DANCEmandala they realize that is a perfect way to boost their sitting meditation practice to the next level.

Q. I have/had an injury. Can I still practice DANCEmandala?
A. DANCEmandala is a flexible practice that can be experienced by anyone regardless of their physical limitations. Because there is no specific steps or routine to follow, but instead is a free space for you to create, you will be able to participate at your own pace, flowing within your own capacity to move.

Q. What happens in a DANCEmandala session?

Q. What do I need to bring to a DANCEmandala session?

Q. I’m scared, I’ve never dance in front of people!
A. DANCEmandala is a safe space to be, move and feel. There are no mirrors, lights are dimmed and judgements about “good”, “bad”, “ugly” or “pretty” are left outside the space. DANCEmandala is a movement meditation practice and everybody will be focused in their own meditation and experience. That’s why practitioners are invited to close their eyes in order to help them immerse into their own personal inner journey. The facilitator is there to hold a safe space for you.

Q. What if I don’t like the music?

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Most sessions cost the average price of a yoga or pilates class. Check the individual session and workshop listings to find out about the specific price for the ones you are interested.

Q. How do I become a facilitator?
A. If you are interested in becoming a facilitor the best way to start is to attend as many classes and workshops as possible in order to deepen your embodiment and under-standing of the practice, and meet the requirements for our DANCEmandala Training Programme. Click here to find out more about the requirements and application process to become a DANCEmandala facilitator.


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