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Liberation is not something to get, given or to receive. True freedom is already within the core of what we are. Each one of us is a being of radiance hidden underneath the layers of self. So what must we do? Keep getting distracted? Let’s get up and shake the layers, get to know the self, work on alignment, practice observation, study the mind and the subtlety of experiences, look beyond the limited illusions of self and learn to move through the hidden gateways. The opennings are everywhere for the light to shine through.

Areeradh K Tri-siddha

Founder & Teacher Trainer

a movement practice for wellbeing and self exploration with the aim to develop the understanding of our physical, mental and spiritual presence and our interconnection with others, community and nature.

Awaken awareness, embody the wisdom and transcend beyond the illusions of self. 

Founded in the principles of movement and stillness, layers of being, realms of consciousness, the law of nature (Dhamma), DANCEmandala provides support for self-evolution process as well as tools for personal and collective healing and transformation. The practice is multi-layers with holistic approach to body, emotion, heart, spirit, being, and universal consciousness.  

Investigation of body mind wisdom

DANCEmandala develops somatic awareness, receptivity, and insights through the cultivation of natural movement, stillness and breath.

Creative process of healing and transformation

Moving to ‘unlearn’ old patterns of movement and limited expression brings energising experience of freedom and flowing creativity.

emerging space of connectedness and co-creation

DANCEmandala’s intelligent Body Pathway map guides us toward authenticity, flow, wise acceptance, joy, clarity and the experience of being in the present moment with connection and kindness.

awareness of unity, consciousness and liberation

Practice with awareness, intention and openness provide us with the truth of who we are and what we are. With this knowing we experience our earth body and the higher levels of understanding. We realise our own potential for true joy and peace.

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