Main centre is in Thailand at Blossom Studio by The Yoga Tree-Chaing Mai

DANCEmandala connect us to Self, others, community and nature

DANCEmandala facilitator provides gentle guidance and contain the space to support us to experience our unique movement, inner beauty, healing and bliss.
If you enjoy moving your body, access and integrate your inner wisdom into daily life, join us in this reflective practice. And YOU too can become a facilitator and create powerful healing space for your community.

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Reveals the richness of your life, dance, contemplate and explore yourSelf

It's a method for Self-discover - DANCEmandala takes us through different layers of our being.
The dance will moves us from gross physical body into the realm of emotion, heart space, inner wisdom, interconnection, Spirit, joy, bliss, clarity and focussed mindfulness. We call this practice a dynamic moving mandala spiralling in and out of the world of forms and the boundless of our imagination and consciousness.
It's a dance between rhythms, breaths, movement and stillness where we always flow toward balance greater balance.
DANCEmandala provides opportunities for us to look at old patterns, blockages, stagnation both in our body, our mental space and also in the plane of our spirit if we are aware. It invites us to move freely with wisdom and intelligence which then help release, ground, heal and balance. The result is  the sense of more space, more lightness playfulness and freshness.
It's a space to just be, be your self, at ease with your free form movement and dance your creativity, your sadness, joy, peace...
It’s powerful and liberating to step into a DANCEmandala space where there’s no judgment or a set of movement you must follow. It’s a safe contained space that encourage you to be true to your self in each moment.
It's a community of heart-centred dancers and vibrant spirit. Deep connection is being made every day.
Every time we enter into DANCEmandala meditative space, we can deeply rest into our own being, relaxing among other dancers, explore in our own way the dance and the space shared. Deep connection is being made and flourishes. Create your community with DANCEmandala!

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