One to one Self-discovery Coaching Programme

Get support in your personal inner journey of dance towards Authenticity, Emotional Intelligence and Heart-wisdom

The Simple Steps

Dance, Reflect, Apply, Discover

The Easy How (we do it)

1. You dance weekly with a facilitator and group near you or dance privately in your own space guided by dance mandala sessions that I will provide.

2. You write a journal and reflect on your experience after each of your dance mandala practice.

3. You share with your coach (myself) your questions and reflection arisen from your journey for feed back and comments. I will provide you my support through email or Skype call. Together we will identify points of practice and insight.

4. You apply your findings and insight into your daily life for healing, transformation and deeper discovery. You will record your own progress and experience.

The Why (you should do it)

Below are just some of the benefits you will discover.

√ Develop positive body awareness and healthy energy flow.

√ Gain better understanding of your self and a deeper connection to your own authenticity and the Self.

√ Gain clarification on specific emotional issue or life situation.

√ Gain more direct access to your heart space and learn about the wisdom of heart.

√ Gain more confidence in emotional and Self expression.

√ Develop sensitivity, Self-love, compassion and awareness.

The Fee (your Discovery ~ our Commitment)

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Now let’s get started!

Tell me a little bit about your background.

How you see yourself currently.

What do you want to discover

How long do you want to commit to this programme.

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