Contemplation of inner experiencing through movement, stillness and creative self-expression.

Active Self-Inquiry. Self-transcendence. Embodiment

DANCEmandala cultivates a transformative space and equips us with tools to help us understanding our sense of self. This involves building and refining these three elements, somatic awareness, mindful emotive expression, and positive intention. The DANCEmandala body pathway map serves as a guide, enabling us to integrate these elements as a foundational step toward expressing our authentic and creative selves. The methodology of DANCEmandala seeks to harmonize the layers of our being, facilitating an inner journey that revolves around the central channel—the spine. This approach support and encourage exploration of various dimensions of experience, spanning from the tangible aspects of the physical body to the most subtle realms of consciousness.

Areeradh K Tri-siddha

Founder & Teacher Trainer

The aim of the practice

Awaken awareness, embody wisdom, and transcend beyond the illusions of self. 

The approach

DANCEmandala’s method is informed by the principles of movement and stillness, layers of being, realms of consciousness, and the law of nature (Dhamma). We approach the self-evolution process by investigating the body, emotion, heart,  spirit, and universal conciouness. In this, we gain tools for personal and collective healing and transformation. 

The Modules of inquiry

Investigation of body-mind wisdom

DANCEmandala develops somatic awareness, receptivity, and insights through the cultivation of natural movement, stillness, and breath.

Creative process of healing and transformation

Moving to ‘unlearn’ old patterns of movement and limited expression brings energising experience of freedom and flowing creativity.

emerging space of connectedness and co-creation

DANCEmandala’s intelligent Body Pathway map guides us toward authenticity, flow, wise acceptance, joy, clarity and the experience of being in the present moment with connection and kindness.

awareness of unity, consciousness, and liberation

Practice with awareness, intention, and openness provide us with the truth of who we are and what we are. With this knowledge, we experience our earth’s body and the higher levels of understanding. We realize our own potential for true joy and peace.

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Some key elements of the practice & space

DANCEmandala is usually offered as a  group practice in the studio and live online. A one-to-one and individual coaching session are also available.

Safe space to explore your movement. Your facilitator is there to hold a non-judgmental  space for you. In studio session, your dance floor is contained and with dimmed lights and no mirrors. So you may move your body as freely as you like.

Guided movement journey into meditative inner process. Each session follows the DANCEmandala Body Pathway map which may be adjusted with a specific feel or style of music to reflect a theme or an intention. Your facilitator will provide some soft meditative guidance and suggestions during the practice. You are always encouraged to follow your own intuition and inner rhythm.

Free-form movement practice. There is no right or wrong steps in this dance. Just your own movement, your own way. You are encouraged to listen to your body and intuition and you may approach each session in gentle or more dynamic way depends on how you feel to expereince your dance at moment.

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Created and written by Areeradh K Tri-siddha.

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