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Deepen Awareness of Self. Interconnection, and a sense of Well-being. Align with the Rhythm of Nature and the Flow of Creativity

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As spiritual human beings, we all share this feeling, a sort of feeling of want that leads us toward a deeper understanding of the Self and the connection we have with all things around and within us. Non-awareness or limited awareness or suppression of this energy creates confusion and underlining dissatisfactions in our lives. How easy it is to believe that material fulfillment and the hard work of becoming a ‘better version’ of ourselves are the remedies to the confusion and the dissatisfactions. But they merely are distractions. Here I encourage another way, a search and research for clarity, understanding, and real connection. An exploration, a co-creation for a safe space to be, to learn, and to dive deep into ourselves. Here is a process of awakening as the One that we are. A process that encourages us to listen to our own bodies, observe our own minds, and emotions, and understand the hearts, and spirits that animate our being. Here is a process of experiencing, contemplating, moving with stillness, dissolving, and re-aligning (embodiment). Here is a space where we inquire about what is the Self, what is a meaningful connection, and how alignment happens between our bodies, minds, and spirit. Here is the path of awakening through movement, stillness, creativity, and meditation.

Areeradh K Tri-siddha


Awareness of what work means to me brought me to the clarity that my work is to create space for ongoing inquiry. An inquiry through intuitive movement and moving stillness meditation. And it must support the inner well-being of both the individuals and the larger communities. This practice is about developing and learning practical tools, and opening to different points of exploration so understanding of the Self can be gained and deepened. This exploration starts here and encompasses the wisdom of our physical, emotional, heart-intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. In summary, DANCEmandala is here to encourage awareness of self, interconnection, presence, and mindfulness in the interaction with each other, community, and nature.

Collaboration within different parts of ourselves must be in place before we can begin to explore our own deeper realms of consciousness. This collaboration has not been easy for me. Since starting on an inner path of freedom, I found that wholeheartedness, commitment, and proper effort are necessary for the inner Work. With this foundational level of collaboration, we can then enjoy mutual support and collaboration with others of like-minded and those we can appreciate as our Kalyāṇa-mittatā or spiritual friends.

Transformation is invoked and happens right from the start and it takes place at every level of exploration. This is my experience, a personal testimonial as well as verified results that I have collected over the years. Movement flow from and into the point of balance. Aligning with this flow creates transformation and establishes trust, and commitment – the coming together to go deeper and forward into a place of more refined awareness.

And because..

The path of liberation begins from within and leads us deeper into our own being. I’ve understood this from my meditation practice. In my dance, I experience again and again that at the center of the movement, there is a vast space of stillness that is both full and empty. A place I can feel everything, pain, suffering, freedom, lightness, peace, fullness, joy, and possibility. At the core of our being, we can be at ease and free. DANCEmandala is an invitation to see into this inner vision so we can step towards that, reconnecting with our natural self, the inner dancer, the Self.

Building a peaceful world can be done right here and now in each dance as we share the experience through alignment and meaningful connection. So, the dance brings rejuvenating life experiences. DANCEmandala emphasizes mindful  interaction, expression of support, understanding, compassion, and kindness

Living in harmony with nature as part of the earth is the dance we dance. Where ever we are in this journey we keep our hearts pulsate with the rhythm of nature and our awareness of our earth’s body, environment, and how we live and consume.

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