Connect to the Dancer within, move your body, be free & flow with life.

movement and stillness flow together towards balance and harmony

Welcome to this online DANCEmandala with Areeradh.


I’m glad you are taking this first step with me. I’m excited to introduce you to DANCEmandala movement and stillness contemplation and to guide you through the foundations of the practice. It is important that you allow yourself to be a fresh beginner to truly benefit from this Self discover tool. Let’s get started. Please begin with viewing the welcome video then continue on to the next session.

with Joy and Good wishes,


GET READY ~ make sure to set yourself up and get everything ready for the journey. See below the list of things you will need.
  • Space to move and dance. Your living room or a corner of your bed room would be just perfect. Make sure that it’s safe to move around and that your space has no shape corners or items that maybe be a risk to you.
  • A pair of good ‘in ears’ wireless bluetooth head phones. Get one that gives good sounds and fits well and comfortable for your ears and that you allow you to easily control the music volume. I use
  • Access to music player and music source such as Spotify, iTune etc. This is necessary so you can down load the music or listen to the whole music tracks that I recommended.
GET INSPIRED ~ these simple messages can help you create a purposeful and rewarding DANCEmandala experience. Read it out loud.
  • I am free to move my body in anyway that feel good
  • I breathe with ease and enjoy my movement
  • I choose dance as a way to get to know my self better
  • I am gentle with myself
  • [add your own inspiring words here.. ]
BE COMMITTED ~ explore this inner journey one, two or three times each week. Set aside time and space for your self in your diary.

A new dance will be available to you every Tuesday or Wednesday for you to explore. My commitment is to provide you with inspiration. guidance and music suggestion. Your commitment is to do it.

START MOVING ~ follow the link provided below to get all you need for your first online DANCEmandala course with Areeradh.

Body Wisdom Mandala

free worksheet, guided movement 1 and music suggestion

Body Wisdom Mandala

free worksheet, guided movement 2 and music suggestion

Body Wisdom Mandala

Free worksheet, guided movement 3 and music suggestion

Emotion Flow Mandala

Full worksheet with guided movement and music suggestion